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My Fruits

They were the first Black family to move on to the estate. Mum, Dad and their six children ? Mango, Apple, Plum, Pear, Grapes and Lime ? quickly discover what it means to be Black and British in 1970s England. Based on filmed interviews with the family behind the fruit, this exciting new work tells a personal story about overcoming adversity and searching for belonging in a hostile world. My Fruits is an immersive, video-based performance that investigates the psychological effects of racism and the intergenerational trauma associated with migration and colonisation. For 12 audience members at a time, experienced entirely through headphones, this multimedia piece presents an intimate portrait of a family at the edge of their local community. Created by Amy Townsend-Lowcock (she/her) Based on filmed interviews with Paulett Lewis (she/her) Angela Townsend (she/her) Sharon Townsend-Hall (she/her) Coral Lowcock (she/her) Patrick Townsend (he/him) Yvonne Townsend (she/her)
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