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Nuua Company - Blueberry Burdock

Nuua Company - Blueberry Burdock

A Surreal journey into the complexities of the lived experience from Finnish contemporary circus and visual theatre group Nuaa Company.

A visually enchanting limbo created from the overabundance of literal and metaphorical directions.

It’s a character's journey overwhelmed by an overabundance of options as contradictions and inner conflicts manifest in vivid displays.

He gets tangled up in conflicting signposts and constructs a room of moving walls and half-objects. A puzzle that embodies the intricate tapestry of human experience and a representation of a fragmented reality.

Expressed through a combination of visual theatre, object manipulation, and comical absurdity, Blueberry Burdock dances playfully in a place of limbo.

The performance inspires a newfound appreciation for life’s intricacies. Encouraging the audience to embrace the complexity of their lived experiences and celebrate the beautiful enigma of existence.

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