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Ockham's Razor - Tess


A groundbreaking adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s classic novel Tess of the D’Urbervilles by Alex Harvey and Charlotte Mooney of Ockham’s Razor, a contemporary circus company who combine circus and visual theatre to make work that is arresting and entertaining.

An ensemble of performers weave together Hardy’s words and the extreme physicality of circus to tell this tale of power, loss and endurance.

Against a backdrop of shifting projections the cast wield wooden planks, climb shifting walls and move through ropes and swathes of linen to evoke the vast landscapes and interior worlds of Hardy’s Wessex.

It is a story which still has extraordinary relevance for our times in its incredibly nuanced evocation of female relationships, sexual desire, consent, privilege and poverty.

This retelling captures the beauty, heartbreak and yearning of the novel and draws upon the incredible strength of the circus body to create a Tess as heroic as Hardy intended.

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