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Of All The Beautiful Things In the World


Inspired by Lorca’s ‘The House of Bernada Alba’, HOME presents Manchester based theatre artist, writer and director Yusra Warsama takes Lorca’s classic ‘The House of Bernada Alba’ as inspiration for this powerful new production, as she exports Lorca’s language to a Manchester Moss Side home.

The air is closing in on a house, on an estate.

Within it, a woman tries to protect her adult daughters from what feels like a rapidly shifting world after the death of their father, it’s the futile effort of a mother pushing invisible dark edges away.

She comes from a world of proverbs that predicts “The Youth Teach Their Mother to Give Birth”. They come from a world where everyone acts like a walking proverb within 280 characters.

She has nomadic tones and they have south Manchester cadences. Their lives play out beneath a constant lens where they are always ‘other’ in the world…

Something’s got to give.


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Fri 24 Mar 2023 - Sat 15 Apr 2023


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