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Paris Memories (15)


★★★★ "Based on her brother’s experience of the Bataclan attack in Paris, Alice Winocour’s unexpectedly hopeful drama is lit up by a César-winning performance from Virginie Efira." ~ The Observer..

From acclaimed French filmmaker Alice Winocour comes an exceptional new drama, starring Virginie Efira and Benoît Magimel.

Revoir Paris follows Mia as she struggles to make sense of her experience in the aftermath of a violent attack. Her isolation and confusion lead her to meet with others who were there, including Thomas who she forges a close relationship with. As Mia works through her fractured memories, she starts to rebuild her life and reconnect with the city she loves.

Featuring outstanding performances, Winocour’s new film is a powerful story of hope, humanity and compassion.


Full English.

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