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Party Like Gatsby - Grand Extravaganza


The 20s are back and so is Party like Gatsby!

Step into 1922 and become part of J. Gatsby's inner circle. Experience glamour collide with chemical madness, when the world's biggest 1920s experience, Party Like Gatsby returns with The Grand Extravaganza.

Dress your finest and immerse yourselves to the fullest, as you step through the doors to J. Gatsby's residence and enter the kaleidoscopic world of the 1920s.

Join the glamour, the scandal and the madness - encounter marvelous performers and peculiar characters from Gatsby's inner circle, enjoy a breathtaking 3 hour show of burlesque, circus performances, dancers and live music, and party to modern classics with a Gatsby twist 'till the sun rises.

J. Gatsby's entourage is ready to transport you back to 1922 for a champagne soaked night. Let the roaring 2020s begin! Entry only granted in appropriate dress code.

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