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Potter Payper

Potter Payper

A lyricist through-and-through and staple of the U.K. underground, Essex-born and raised Algerian-Irish rapper Potter Payper (real name Jamel Bousbaa) built his career on candid reflections of the environment he was raised in.

His sophomore mixtape, Training Day, took on an iconic role in the U.K. rap scene, compiling a cohesive and compelling collection of street-level narratives.

Though constantly embroiled in high-stakes street environment he found himself in, Payper worked on music in order to turn things around for himself and his family, so he began to develop his rap skills and, in 2020, his mixtape "Training Day 3" reached no.3 on the UK album charts, followed in 2021 with the UK no.8 EP "Thanks for Waiting". In 2022 he hit the UK Top 20 singles chart with "Gangsteritus", before his debut album "Real Back in Style" hit no.2 on the UK album charts.

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