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Pygmy Twylyte - The Music of Frank Zappa

Pygmy Twylyte - The Music of Frank Zappa

Navigating the vast Zappa oeuvre then is no mean feat, but Scotland's Pygmy Twylyte have embraced the challenge with gusto.

So prolific was Frank Zappa's output, that it is nearly impossible to present a representative sample of his work in just one concert. Over the course of his life, and since his death in 1993, over one hundred official Zappa albums have been released, alongside countless bootlegs.

These range from 60s psychedelia with the Mothers of Invention, Jazz and Rock material tinged with Zappas own inimitable spin, through to orchestral compositions performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, among others.

Since their inception in 2018, Pygmy Twylyte have selected a core body of classic material, complemented with a rotating offering of more obscure cuts, and blasted this to delighted audiences across the UK.With guitars, keyboards, saxes and multiple vocalists at their disposal, the band has a (stink) foot planted in the camp of several of Zappa's most memorable touring line-ups.

Nod along to rock numbers, lose count during jazzy interludes (after all, it's not dead it just smells funny) and evade the infamous Frunobulax!

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