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An intimate, immersive and voyeuristic take on a folk horror classic

Norah is an outsider in the village. A TV script editor and city dweller seeking a slower pace of life after a breakup. But the village is not as it seems. Ancient rituals bubble below the surface and Norah finds herself trapped in an idyllic nightmare. With the villagers closing in, Norah must fight for control of her body, fertility and ultimately her story. Will she escape before the harvest?

Based on the 1970s TV play Robin Redbreast, this original production from Maxine Peake, Sarah Frankcom, Imogen Knight, Daisy Johnson and Gazelle Twin blends folk horror with immersive storytelling and live music.

Starring Maxine Peake as an increasingly paranoid Norah, Robin/Red/Breast is an intense live performance that blurs the boundaries between theatre, art and music. Take your seat, put on headphones and get inside Norah’s head. Who is watching her, and what do they want?

Robin/Red/Breast is a modern retelling of John Bowen’s cult TV play – often seen as a precursor to the iconic film The Wicker Man – that tackles complex issues around fertility, violence and power.

Peake, Frankcom and Knight – co-founders of Music, Art, Activism and Theatre (MAAT) – join forces with Booker Prize-nominated writer and Punchdrunk collaborator Daisy Johnson, and musician Gazelle Twin, who’s known for fusing live music with performance art. Robin/Red/Breast is Peake, Frankcom and Knight’s latest collaboration for Factory International following They (MIF23), The Nico Project (MIF19), The Skriker (MIF15) and The Masque of Anarchy (MIF13).

A tale of bodily autonomy, power and rebirth, Robin/Red/Breast is a striking and subversive adaptation for our times.

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