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Sam Avery


A comedy show for mums and dads, How Not To Be a Terrible Parent is the hilarious new stand-up show from award-winning comedian and best-selling author Sam Avery. 

You’re a good parent, right? You love your kids. They’re everything to you.

You make them eat vegetables and avoid petty crime. You read bedtime stories and don’t let them play with chainsaws.

So why the nagging feeling that you could do better?

In a world filled with bad advice, empty mantras and online ‘experts’, how do we celebrate the small victories of parenthood and stop ourselves from feeling truly terrible?

A show for anyone who’s ever:

   ● Stolen chocolate from a minor

   ● Wished their kid had a mute button

   ● Treated a trip to the toilet as a mini spa weekend

Tena Lady not included.

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