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Richly championed by Elbow's Guy Garvey, Samana's Rebecca Rose and Franklin Mockett take you on an enthralling musical journey, weaving between various musical styles and influences, from progressive folk to an experimental, transcendental take on soul, blues, and rock.

As two multi-disciplinary artists, Samana weave together their distinct poetry, music, striking photography and fine-art into one unique project. Crafting every element of creation themselves, the process the pair adopt in the creation of their work is one of strong ritualistic devotion and is produced in their analogue recording studio  and darkroom in the remote regions of Wales.

Their music creates a seraphic atmosphere, bordering on esotericism. Oscillating between melancholic ballads and spiritual experiences, the music leads one on a journey that evokes ancient beliefs, revolution, fallen civilisations and intense deliberations of love, loss and death. They possess a truly unique spirit born from a nomadic and solitary existence, placing great emphasis on the philosophy of dreams, the interior of the subconscious and the power of improvisation. Each song created by Samana is constructed with its own distinct weight and significance, offering a direct passage into the essence of ourselves, removing ones veneer, with genuine emotional honesty.

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