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The year is 1990, a time of back combed fringes, Just Seventeen Magazines, New Kids on the Block and White Musk Perfume. Remember? You are 15 years old and you live for your mates, belly laughs and sleepovers at Kelly’s house.

Come and join us as we discuss all the best things about being a teenager, leave the responsibilities of your grown up world behind and embrace your teenage self who might just have something to tell you about how to live your life now. Boys you’re invited too, but keep the noise down, Kelly’s dad will kill us if he knows we’ve got lads in the house.

Written and Directed by Emma Bramley and Sarah Hogarth (All Things Considered Theatre).

18+ (alcohol is served as part of the show).

**** This is a confection of a show that bubbles along merrily & energetically for 90 minutes (with darker themes playing around the edges at times) and ending on an almost tableau, as the girls imagine their future ideal lives and vow to be friends forever, as Eternal Flame plays over the scene. I got quite teary – and it wasn’t the Malibu, honest." - North West End.

**** "Ever dream of being 14 or 15 again? A simpler time when life seemed to revolve around boys, bands, burgeoning breasts and - in the case of the characters in Sleepover – New Kids on the Block. That's the world which Liverpool’s All Things Considered explores in what is an exuberant and utterly delightful new immersive theatrical experience. Resistance is futile – and participation is part of the fun, so plunge in and enjoy the party." - Arts City Liverpool.


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