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Spartacus (PG)

Spartacus (PG)

★★★★✭ "One of the greatest Hollywood epics of all time with an unbelievable cast, it was initially directed by Anthony Mann who was replaced by a young Stanley Kubrick after the first week of filming. Its parallels with American politics, at the time - namely the persecution of Communist Party supporters within Hollywood - shine through thanks to blacklisted Dalton Trumbo's incredible screenwriting." ~ Manchester Theatres.


Adapted by Dalton Trumbo from Howard Fast’s novel in 1960, today Spartacus is remembered as one of the best historical epics of all-time and a film that contributed to the end of the Hollywood blacklist.

Alongside Kirk Douglas’ leader of a slave revolt, Jean Simmons plays Varinia, a slave who becomes the mother of his child. Brought onto the project at the last minute following the removal of Sabine Bethmann, Simmons’ subtle performance manages to offer intimacy on the largest of canvases. 



★★★★★ "A stirring classic, the great-granddaddy of Ridley Scott's Gladiator hasn't lost any muscle tone after half a century, and Kirk Douglas's direct, unpretentious performance as the great slave-rebel Spartacus is more engaging than ever." ~ The Guardian.

★★★★★ "Though this stuff could have been directed by anyone, the greatness of Spartacus is in the stretches everyone remembers." ~ Empire.

★★★★★ "It is in the observation of human detail, and in many memorable little scenes that the film scores most heavily over other epics, and in which it finds an inner strength." ~ Sky Cinema.

★★★★★ "Best not to spoil the ending in case some still haven't been lucky enough to see it, but suffice to say, of all the historical epics, this pretty much takes the biscuit, with an unbelievable cast, incredible cinematography and plenty of quotable scenes - who hasn't heard about the 'I'm Spartacus!' blood-stirrer? - all of which earned it four Oscars." ~ BBC.

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