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One of Philadelphia's most ambitious and captivating psych rock outfits slowly devour listeners' brains with sad, beautiful pop melodies buried under the guise of noisy, volatile and unconventionally griping compositions. The musical visionaries deliver dreamy warped guitar tones, transcendental synths and a smattering of eerie audio samples.

They have a wide sonic palette within every song, pop rock rhythms and sweet melodies supporting dolefully sung detachment pair with atonal, crushingly heavy noise rock crafted perfectly. The band often alter their songs live to fit the personal experience of the show itself, and such obsession with mood has proven to be one of their most prevalent strengths.

The band traverses the ghostly back-roads of indie rock with a wide sonic palette and undeniably hypnotising results. There's a certain air of mysteriousness that surrounds The Spirit Of The Beehive and its weird, wonderful music. Detached yet fully engaged, the trio seem to float back-and-forth between fantasy and reality. Their songs evolve deliberately and dissipate quickly, yet linger in the air long after they are gone. Shifting between ambience and lo-fi pop, with fits of discord, dissonance, and distortion in between, the Philly outfit's attention to detail and mood is impressive. What emerges from the darkness and tumult is a band that is completely engrossing yet impossible to categorise without getting a bit messy.





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