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Stephen Lynch

Whether he’s singing an ode to "queer tattoos," telling his potential paramour all the things he won’t be doing for her (he ain’t fightin’ no lion), or lamenting his new vegan lifestyle ("Tofurkey? Tof**k yourself - I want some meat"), Stephen Lynch will always consider himself "a musician trapped in the body of a comedian."  His unique blend of musical based comedy has earned him fiercely loyal fans around the world and now he brings his latest show, The Time Machine Tour, to Europe.
Born in Pennsylvania and raised in Michigan, Stephen moved to New York in 1996, with the goal of becoming a performer, quickly developing a devoted fan base and catching the attention of Comedy Central, who invited him to record his 1st cable special in 2000. That special became one of their highest rated shows in the series, almost unheard of for an unknown. His second Comedy Central special debuted in January 2008, with similarly high ratings.
In 2006, Stephen Lynch stepped onto the Broadway stage for the first time in the title role of The Wedding Singer. His performance earned him nominations for some of the highest honours in American Theatre including the highly coveted Tony Award for Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical.
His albums “A Little Bit Special,” “Superhero,” “The Craig Machine,” and “3 Balloons” have sold hundreds of thousands of copies around the world.

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