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Stiff Little Fingers


During the first wave of U.K. punk rock, plenty of bands sang about a world full of violence and chaos, but Stiff Little Fingers didn't have to imagine a dystopian world - formed in Belfast in 1977 at the height of "The Troubles," police brutality and terrorist violence were simply a part of daily life, and the band's music was a powerful response to what they saw, raw-boned rock & roll that balanced rage at a world gone mad against hope for a better day.

The influential BBC disc jockey John Peel started spinning their music on his show, and their first album, Inflammable Material, became one of the first independent punk albums to chart in the U.K., rising to 14 on the British sales surveys.

With their new success in England, the longest-tenured Irish punk band  relocated to London, and following various line-up changes their music became more pop-oriented and they have scored five UK Top 20 albums.

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