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The Great Post Office Scandal


This is the true story of how hundreds of innocent people fought to clear their names against the Post Office's refusal to accept responsibility for its failings.

Proud pillars of their communities were stripped of their jobs and livelihoods. Many were forced into bankruptcy and or borrowed from friends and family to give the Post Office thousands they did not owe. The really unlucky ones were sent to prison.

Soon to be adapted into a primetime ITV drama, this jaw-dropping, unique and gripping story is now the subject of a compelling stage show.

Journalist/broadcaster Nick Wallis (BBC Radio 4’s ‘The Great Post Office Trial’, Private Eye’s ‘Justice Lost in the Post’, BBC1’s Panorama ‘Scandal at the Post Office’, The One Show and Channel 5’s ‘Criminals Caught on Camera’) has drawn on his decade of covering the story to write a best-selling book (‘The Great Post Office Scandal’ - serialised by the Daily Mail and featured by the Sunday Times), and it is this book which forms the basis of his new show.

Nick expertly chronicles the twists and turns of the scandal, taking in the shambolic commissioning of the disastrous Post Office Horizon IT system and examining the punitive methods employed by the Post Office - bypassing the police and the Crown Prosecution Service - to create the most widespread miscarriage of justice in UK legal history.

Nick then narrows in on the subsequent cover-up, and the staggering legal battles fought and won by campaigning Subpostmasters, against all the odds. As the public inquiry into the scandal reveals yet more horrors, Nick will be able to explain the very latest developments and their significance.

Nick will be talking about his experiences and reading from his best-selling book, followed by a Q&A session, giving the audience an opportunity to explore areas in more detail. On some dates there may also be a special guest or two affected by the scandal who will join Nick on stage to answer questions and provide first-hand testimony.


"An extraordinary journalistic expose of a huge miscarriage of justice."  Ian Hislop, Editor, Private Eye.

"A tale brilliantly told by Nick Wallis, who has dedicated years of work to establishing what happened, why it happened and calling those responsible to account."  Rev Richard Coles, Presenter

"The definitive account of the scandal - from the journalist who pursued every twist and turn." Mishal Husain, Broadcaster.

"Beautifully written. Full of heart rending detail, clarity and insight." Patrick Spence, Creative Director, ITV Studios.

"Nick has come to understand the ultimately destructive management culture which pervaded the Post Office from the top down."  Tom Hedges, former Subpostmaster.

"Nick's narrative has the power of a great thriller as he lays bare the lies and deceit that has ruined so many lives." Dame Joan Bakewell, Journalist.

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