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The Island


The award-winning Elysium Theatre Company present The Island, one of the most famous plays of the second half of the 20th Century and has been seen all over the world. A rich, boisterous, funny, moving piece of theatre, it is a hymn to the human spirit and a cry for freedom everywhere.

South Africa 1973, Robben Island, the top security prison where Nelson Mandela was held.

John and Winston are sharing a cell. They survive through a mixture of solidarity, bickering, laughter and defiance. They are preparing a production of Antigone for the other prisoners, but Winston has trouble remembering the lines and isn’t sure he wants to play Antigone. The two men’s sense of brotherhood has kept them going for years, then John hears that he’s going to be released…

Durham's Elysium Theatre Company brings great theatre to the North. The Island is their 8th stage production, and completes their Fugard Trilogy, which included Hello And Goodbye and Playland.

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