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the Jesus Lizard

the Jesus Lizard

the Jesus Lizard return with brisk guitar rock you haven’t heard since… the last time the Jesus Lizard took over a stage in your town.

Teeming with the kind of madness needed to beat down today’s AOR mediocrity and piss-perfect pop drivel alike, since their inception in Chicago in 1987, the Jesus Lizard has thrilled audiences all over the planet.

The impeccable rocket-thrust rhythm section of David Wm. Sims and Mac McNeilly was the perfect launchpad for Duane Denison’s jagged yet clean-toned riffing and David Yow’s mercurial vocalizations manifesting as everything from panicked citizen, reality escapee or wounded sea mammal.

They have returned reconstituted, refreshed and positively revving. No tepid, bland tracks to show how they’ve “matured” as songwriters. No inane detours into unnecessary genre exercises. the Jesus Lizard. They might not be young, but they will never, ever get fucking old.

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