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The Moor (18)

The Moor (18)


★★★ This Yorkshire-set missing-kids chiller is formidable folk horror debut from 
Director Chris Cronin who masterfully maintains a needling ambiguity about the source of evil in a haunting tale of a father searching for his long-missing son. ~ The Guardian.


A British horror movie directed by Chris Cronin, The Moor stars Sophia La Porta, David Edward Robertson, Bernard Hill, and Elizabeth Dormer-Phillips.

Claire endured the devastating loss of her best friend, who was abducted and tragically murdered.

Now, after twenty-five long years, Bill, the grief-stricken father of the deceased boy, devises a daring plan to uncover the truth behind the mysterious events of the past.

Teaming up with the enigmatic psychic, Eleanor, they embark on a harrowing journey into the depths of a haunted moor, seeking the alleged final resting place of Bill's son.

However, the eerie moor holds more than the echoes of departed children; a malevolent and sinister force awakens in response to their presence, lurking beneath the very ground they tread.

As they confront the tangled web of their unresolved grief and guilt stemming from the heinous crime that shattered lives and relationships, they must brace themselves for what revelations and horrors await them. In this chilling tale of loss, determination, and the unsettling consequences of lingering trauma, the question arises: can they find solace and closure amidst the darkness, or will they be consumed by the sinister forces that lie in wait?

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