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The Oldham Tinkers

The Oldham Tinkers

The Oldham Tinkers are a legendary folk band hailing from the heart of Lancashire, England. Formed in the early 1960s, this remarkable group has become synonymous with the preservation and celebration of the rich folk traditions of the North West. Comprising multi-talented musicians and singers, their distinctive style is deeply rooted in the working-class heritage of their hometown, Oldham.

With a repertoire that spans the entire spectrum of folk music, The Oldham Tinkers have earned a devoted following for their renditions of timeless classics and original compositions. Their music resonates with tales of hardworking people, love, laughter, and the unique culture of the region.

Over the decades, the band’s charming, unpretentious performances have graced folk festivals and intimate venues alike, captivating audiences with their genuine, down-to-earth approach to music. Their music is both a testament to their love for the Lancashire heritage and an embodiment of the enduring spirit of the region.

The Oldham Tinkers have not only preserved Lancashire’s musical history but also contributed to its ongoing legacy. With a legacy spanning generations, they continue to be cherished as cultural ambassadors, ensuring that the North West’s musical traditions are kept alive for future generations to enjoy.

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