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The Virgin Suicides (15)


★★★★ "A beguiling psychological drama set in suburban Michigan in 1975, about a quintet of teenage pre-Raphaelite enigmas who take their own lives, somehow remains dreamy and beguiling." ~ The Times.

A brand new 4K restoration of Sofia Coppola’s stunning directorial debut from 1999, featuring a spellbinding performance from Kristen Dunst.

With mesmeric cinematography from Edward Lachman, accompanied by a cult soundtrack from French duo Air, The Virgin Suicides remains a coming-of-age classic.

In a quiet, conservative American town in the 1970s, Cecelia Lisbon, just 13, attempts suicide. She is one of five teenage sisters, and this incident begins to unravel the lives of the entire family.

The story is told from the point of view of the neighbourhood boys who are obsessed with these enigmatic sisters and draws its dark humour from the fabric of teenage life.

Little by little, the family begins to shut itself off from the town and the girls are forbidden to go out. As the situation spirals downward, the boys plot to rescue the sisters.

This special 4k restoration will have a short, recorded introduction by director Sofia Coppola.

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