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Theatre Re - Moments

Theatre Re - Moments

Part TED Talk, part Theatrical Performance with Theatre Re's trademark style combining striking imagery and action with original live music, Moments sits at the intersection of their training and theatre making activities.

It creates a space for them to reflect, understand and explain what they do as they do it.

After more than 13 years of working together as Theatre Re, making 6 shows and touring to 16 countries across 3 continents, they are taking a moment to stop, question and re-evaluate their relationship to success and time: Why do they do what they do, why is it important and why should they keep doing it?

Ultimately, Moments is about attentiveness; attentiveness to magic in the making of new work; attentiveness to poetry in our everyday; attentiveness to moment by moment existence; attentiveness to life as we live it.


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