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They Came for My Mother


The Manchester-based Bluestocking Theatre Company present a new play telling the story of two women trapped together in sickness and health.

Coming round and realising she’s trapped, 'B' has nowhere to go and no one to turn to but 'A', who's more animal than human. Focusing on the two women as they’re locked in a squalid bedroom with nothing but themselves, the shadows beyond the door and the same three channels on repeat, how long before they have to face themselves and each other?

This is a funny, electrically charged look at the shit women have been dealing with for eons. Powerful and raw with elements of absurdism and bouffon clown. We see women’s glorious strength and vulnerability, their power in extraordinary circumstances to overcome stifling sexual exploitation and oppression. It looks at the control of girls and women and the intersection between trauma and addiction.

We're sharing the work at this early stage as a relaxed, script in hand performance to gauge audience responses and feedback in preparation for funding bids. We appreciate your support and feedback will be very appreciated.

**Trigger Warning** The play does deal with sensitive subject matter such as Human/sex trafficking, rape, drugs and addiction.

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