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Tuning In

Tuning In

Originally developed by Keswick's Theatre by the Lake, this witty tour de force written and performed by Adam Fenton, explores the destructive nature of disability prejudice, how neurodivergence frees and constrains us, and the damage caused by trying to fit in.

(A first date, a ‘ticcing’ time bomb, and a bloody end.)

Static crackles, glitches, underscoring the image of our twitching hero Reagan completely covered in blood. Cup of tea (two sugars) in hand, sat in their living room, in as-quiet-as-they-can-manage contemplation of what has just transpired.

A first date gone array, but how? A restaurant disaster with a steak knife? // maybe // a night club toilet, shard of broken glass? // could be! // a dark alley with a blunt instrument? // this is sounding a bit like Cluedo now, you ever play that? // There are pieces missing from /// Can’t seem to ///// The only thread Reagan can hold onto is Cameron Flanagan, the lighthouse in a fog of neurosis. Cameron was and Reagan’s date last night. If he can find what happened to Cameron, all will be revealed.

We are dragged down the rabbit hole as these broken memories reattach by their still bleeding sinews with Reagan guiding us every step of the way. Reagan is sent crashing through realities and timelines, desperately attempting to grasp on to what is real while his brain keeps changing channels. We will see him battle against himself to appear more ‘normal’, valiant but misguided attempts at dating chat, and dance moves indistinguishable from physical convulsions. All to uncover the truth hidden in dark corners and bring light to a secret that Reagan has held onto for too long.

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