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INNIT Musical


a) If Shelagh Delaney made Salford taste of honey then "Innit" is the salt 'n' vinegar on your chips.

b) "Innit" doesn’t taste of honey, it's far more the salt 'n' vinegar on your chips!

c) Will our Salford tower block Romeo find love with his leafy suburban South Manchester Juliet?

d) A brilliantly, witty and double-distilled urban musical, a modern day Romeo and Juliet!

e) "An irresistible slice of life" – Manchester Evening News.

f) "A freshness and theatrical immediacy…This is a real achievement" – Willy Russell.

g) An exciting and reimagined production that leaves you with a slice of optimism and a spark of inspiration.

h) Remember, the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow… "Innit"

i) "Gutsy enough to have the target audience… whooping with recognition" – The Guardian.

j) "Innit" does for Salford what Billy Elliot did for Newcastle, Blood Blood Brothers did for Liverpool, and West Side Story did for Manhattan!

k) "Oliver meets Jailhouse Rock meets Blood Brothers meets West Side Story…and then gets t****ed somewhere down Salford Precinct." – Salford Star.

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