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9 to 5 the Musical

9 to 5 the Musical

Tumble outta’ bed and stumble to Dolly Parton’s rip-roaring musical - direct from 5-star reviews and sold-out audiences in the West End!

Dolly Parton’s smash-hit musical is the most fun you’ll have in the theatre all year. Coming to you direct from London’s West End, expect a rip-roaring score by the Queen of Country herself!

9 to 5 the Musical tells the story of three workmates pushed to boiling point by their sexist and egotistical boss. Concocting a plan to kidnap and turn the tables on their despicable supervisor, will the women manage to reform their office - or will events unravel when the CEO pays an unexpected visit?

With an Oscar, Grammy and Tony award-nominated score by the Queen of Country herself, Dolly Parton, and a book by the iconic movie’s original screenwriter Patricia Resnick, this hilarious new production is about teaming up, standing up and taking care of business!

Please note: Age recommendation 12+. This production contains comic sexual references, light drug use and the occasional curse word. Dolly Parton will not be appearing live in this production.

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9 to 5 the Musical ON TOUR

Our review on 9 to 5 the Musical

9 to 5 The Musical - Palace Theatre, Manchester - Tuesday 1st March 2022 by Karen Ryder

Our Rating

Kidnapping, colluding, and a kiss ass soundtrack!  What’s not to love?  Dolly is the Queen of Country and tonight Matthew, she will be honoured by a devoted audience whether they are fully signed up to Dollywood or dipping their toes into her world for the first time.  Age, ability, gender – none of it matters because a tale as old as time about a group of workers dealing with a boss who treats them unfairly is something that everyone can relate to.  Even those appalling bosses started as someone’s minion right?!  You think it would make them know better but as 9 -5 The Musical shows us, this isn’t always the case.  


Everything about this show works.  It’s relatable, rebellious, riotous, and leaves your heart racing, begging for more.  As we engage with work friends Violet, Judy, and Doralee, you can’t help but identify yourself a little bit in each of them.  They do what we could only dream about and form an anarchy army of absolute hilarity to stick it to the man.  Quite literally! 

Add in a crazy brilliant soundtrack, one of the most famous songs ever being it’s title song and it’s no wonder why this audience couldn’t wait to tumble out of bed today and head to the theatre.  Even the lyrics of the songs are genius in their subliminal empowerment.  “Pour myself a cup of ambition” is a fantastic one line lyric that could be a mantra for any one of us out there struggling with self belief or who feels weary after a day of being unappreciated.


Of course, 9 – 5 The Musical is based around the cult 1980’s film in which Dolly Parton stars.  There are delightful Dollyisms sprinkled throughout the musical and brilliant surprise appearances from the gal herself through the delights of technology so fear not – your country gal is never far from your mind.  It is a simple yet excellent choice to include Dolly in the show, giving it genuine credibility and a big thumbs up of approval.

The show starts with the title song sung by the cast (and Dolly!!) who unapologetically burst onto the stage with the energy of a Duracell bunny.  Immediately there are laughs as we are introduced to the characters and witness their early morning routine and, erm………bodies in all their morning glory!  When our three main characters Violet, Doralee and Judy sing together as a trio it is sublime, intoxicating and goosebumpy good, preparing us for their powerful journey throughout the show.


The Heart to Hart number sung by Roz (played by Julia J Nagle) is a real audience favourite, showing a contrasting female presence in the workforce to Violet, Doralee and Judy.  It is witty, showbiz and highlights that women can sometimes be just as objectifying as men.

9 - 5 may be a shift full of fun but it also raises important issues about the equality of women in the workforce.  When 9 – 5 the film was first released in 1980, it highlighted sexism, sexual harassment, and inequality in pay between genders.  You think that over forty years later therefore that some of the lines in the show would have become obsolete, so it is a disgrace that when talking about the pay gap between men and women the line “This won’t even be a discussion in ten years,” is still as discussed today in America as it was then.  America have not passed the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) meaning that, whilst the pay gap may have closed a little, this is still as true forty years later as it was when the film was written!  Crazy!  


For every serious point raised, there is a corker of a line to ensure that this is no preaching political show.  One that stuck in mind is the sweet, innocent Judy as she pronounces Marijuana  “Mara-joo-wanah!”, or Roz as she randomly shouts “I’m Roz – I’m in a bush”, or Judy again as she confuses S&M with M&M’s.  But just to make sure the casual sexism from the leery letchy boss Hart isn’t ignored, the audience make their feelings 100% clear when he tries to shut down a female complaint by stating “What’s wrong?  You got your period?”

The first half finishes with a mini parody of Phantom Of The Opera with the famous overture accompanying a falling chandelier, and one cast member left stuck swinging across the stage behind the impressive 9 – 5 glittery signage.  It’s moments like these that make 9 – 5 stand out as a slick, simple, and satisfying creative.


Claire Sweeney
(Crazy For You, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Chicago, Hairspray, Benidorm, Holby, Brookside) plays Violet and does what she does best in the second half in her solo number “One Of The Boys”.  This Fosse inspired number allows Sweeney to shine, sing and sparkle those jazz hands, shoulder lifts and high kicks for all to see.  It’s reminiscent of Roxy from Chicago and is a fabulous moment for her.    

Stephanie Chandos (9- 5, Hairspray, We Will Rock You) plays Doralee and is perfect casting.  She can belt the tunes out in a way that Dolly herself would be proud of and portrays the character with such subtly it is a joy to watch.  She truly gets to the heart of her story in her solo Backwood Barbie, and is so likeable that it is easy to become and instant fan.

Vivian Panka (With numerous musical theatre roles in the Netherlands, 9 - 5 is Panka’s UK debut) plays Judy with ease.  She is innocent, funny and has an amazing voice, which she uses to full effect in Get Out And Stay Out – her defining moment.

Julia J Nagle (An American In Paris, Dirty Dancing, Chicago, 42nd Street) plays Roz and is an audience favourite from the off.  We have all known this “hates every female because she is secretly in love with the boss” character and Nagle captures her with such hilarity that she is not a character you hate even though you probably should.  Her comic timing, characterisations and facial expressions make her performance one to behold.


Sean Needham
(Kinky Boots, Mamma Mia, Buddy) plays Franklin Hart Jnr – the villain of the piece that we all love to hate.  He doesn’t hold back at all, allowing us to put every female injustice that ever occurred firmly on his cigar smoking, golf playing, boys club shoulders.  Again, his natural comedic ability allowed us laugh with him, at him and for him.  It really is very clever.  The truth of it is, the whole writing is extremely clever because it’s relatable.  Anyone who ever worked in an office, or with other people for that matter, can instantly recognise the people, the power struggles and the dynamics.  The production is delivered in a straight forward, clean, and uncomplicated way which is a huge strength.

The second Act opens with a reprise of 9 – 5 from Dolly and the cast, and the melody is beautifully woven through the production as a whole.  The brilliant cast ensemble number Change It (and this ensemble really are brilliant) makes sure, if you ever had any doubt, that the show is set in the 80’s and fills your senses with neon, lighting up the computers that frame the entire stage.  The impact impresses that a giant rubix cube has exploded across the stage and splashed fragments of itself everywhere, even onto the costumes with the retro colours and shapes it bestows, solidifying a vibrant and vivacious 1980’s vibe.

9 – 5 The Musical is the show I never knew I had been missing out on.  I’m a little jealous that I’m new to the party but I know it’s one I’ll never leave.  So as Dolly instructs at the end “If you liked it – spread the word”.  Well, I LOVED it Dolly so this is me spreading the word!  And as she brilliantly puts it, “If you didn’t like it – Shut your mouth!”

WE SCORE 9 TO 5 - 10/10

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