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The doctor-turned-writer and comedian announces new tour This Is Going To Hurt... More

Following on from the frenzy of his "electrifying" (Guardian) This Is Going To Hurt tour, Adam Kay has announced a brand new UK tour for September 2022: This Is Going To Hurt...More. Just how his first tour brought to life his record-breaking book of the same name (now a BBC One television series), this new tour will draw on side-splitting anecdotes from his forthcoming book Undoctored: The Story of a Medic Who Ran Out of Patients.

Speaking of the tour, Kay says: "It feels like the natural progression of my surreal 2022 to go from Ben Whishaw playing me on television to performing at Wembley. 2023’s really going to have up its game – perhaps I’ll be made king or move to Jupiter. I can’t wait to get This is Going to Hurt… More out on the road and subject the UK to more of my repulsive stories."

Though Kay worked as a doctor from 2004 to 2010, he'd always had a creative side and even founded the musical comedy group the Amateur Transplants whilst at medical school. His diaries as a junior doctor would eventually culminate into his first book This Is Going To Hurt, published in 2017, which garnered ten national awards and was an instant bestseller. His show adaptation was equally decorated, selling out the Edinburgh Fringe Festival many times over. In February the eight-part TV adaptation featuring Ben Whishaw hit screens on BBC One.

In 2019 Kay released his second book, Twas the Nightshift before Christmas, which was another bestseller. His 2020 anthology Dear NHS raised over £400,000 for charity and featured contributions from Emilia Clarke, Ed Sheeran, Emma Thompson, Emma Watson and Paul McCartney. His children’s books Kay’s Anatomy and Kay’s Marvellous Medicine have been translated into 26 language and sold over 350,000 copies.

Kay has also written and edited for the likes of Mitchell & Webb, Crims, Mrs Brown's Boys and Grandma's House.

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